Episode 87: Chosen

Questions and Topics For Discussion

  • “What is Pick Me Culture?”
  • How does it affect us personally and/or collectively?
  • Unpack Original Thread . . .Thoughts?
  • Is the woman who wrote the tweet doing this to be “picked?”
  • Is this really the “formula” for getting the “right” man?
  • Read the response to the Thread . . . Thoughts?
  • Do you think women really compete for the affection of men? [Consider the women who you surround yourself with.]
  • How much of this “pick me” culture is rooted in origin/ what we have been taught since young?
  • Make reference to Alicia’s Statement from Episode 59: Non-Coachable Sistas where she states “I also have a lot of problems with the bible because I feel like it is so male centric.” <--How does the bible and its ideologies tie in with Pick Me Culture? (Possible reference Ruth and the constant reference to women “finding their Boaz” or  “waiting to be found/chosen”)
  • Should women be chosen by men?
  • At what point, if any, should they (women) start to do the choosing?
  • What is we don’t wanna be chosen? Does that make us too strong/ independent/ much of a Black woman (the stigma)?

Discussion of the #BlackChynaChallengev & Sex Doll Twitter Frenzy

  • What is it?
  • Why/how did it get so popular?
  • Does this tie into today’s conversation? How so?

Pick Me! . . . Or Not

As a final note from each of us, we will discuss whether or not we want to be chosen. Complete one of the following sentence starters:

Pick me because _______________________.

Don’t pick me because _______________________.

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