Episode 86: We Come From Queens

Episode 86: We Come From Queens

We’ve been telling y’all for quite some time now that we come from Queens. We think it’s finally time for you to meet the Queens we’ve been referencing! This week, our special guests are our moms. In this special Mother’s Day episode we chat with them about their influence & how it has shaped us as we evolve into our own type of Queens.

Unpacking Typical Black Mom Quotes

  • "Do you have McDonald's money?"

  • "You better shut up before I give you something to cry about."

  • "I'm not one of your little friends."

  • "I hope you know that school work like you know them songs."

  • "Didn't I tell you..."

  • "You smell like outside."

  • "If someone hits you first, you hit them back."

Questions For Monique & Cadacia

  • What was your mother’s role in your home? Do you think she liked it?

  • Did your mother work outside of your home and how did that affect your desire to work?

  • What do you admire about your mother?

  • In what ways is your mother your role model?

  • How have you followed in the footsteps of your mother?

  • In what ways do you think you are similar to her?

  • What advice did your mother give you that really has stuck with you?

  • What things did your mother say to you that influenced the decisions you have made in your twenties?

  • Has your mother said or does she continue to say certain things to or about you that affect your self esteem or self image?

  • How was your mother’s relationship with her mother?

  • How do you think your mother’s relationships with others impacted how you behave in relationships with others?

Questions For The Moms

  • I maintain the sentiment that being a mom is one of the most selfless acts one could do. What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve made as a mother?

  • Who do you/ did you look up to for a “motherhood framework/ blueprint?”

  • What is the most valuable lesson you learned from your mom?

  • What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from your dad?

  • What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a result of being a mom?

  • If you could impart anything on your child(ren) what would it be?

  • In raising children, who were/are your “mom” friends?

  • What do you think of your work?/ Did you do a good job at being a mom?

  • Can you tell us about one moment when you realized “ my kid(s) is not a child anymore or the moment you realized that they’re “grown”?

More Questions For Monique & Cadacia

  • One moment when you saw your mom as a person, a regular human?

  • Most memorable moment you have of/with your mom.

  • What is your favorite saying/ quote of your mom?

  • When it’s your turn to become a mom, what is one lesson you will take from your mom & one thing that you’ll leave?

  • Aside from the fact that mom’s actually are superheroes, if you could give your mom any superpower what would it be?

More Questions For The Moms

  • Overall, how would you describe your twenties?

  • What were your goals during your 20s?

  • What were the 3 most fun and exciting aspects or events of your 20s?

  • What were the 3 most challenging aspects or events of your 20s

  • If you could go back to your 20s knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

  • Do you have any other words of wisdom that you think could be of value to people in their 20s as well as those such as ourselves who are about to enter their 30s?


As it stands, motherhood is a sort of wilderness through which each woman hacks her way, part martyr, part pioneer; a turn of events from which some women derive feelings of heroism, while others experience a sense of exile from the world they knew. Rachel Cusk

Around- The-Way

This week’s around-the-way highlight goes to the murals around the way!

JMJ- 205th street and Hollis Ave

Tribe Called Quest- 192nd street and Linden Blvd

Jazz Mural- Linden Blvd under the LI Railroad [Area known as Addisleigh Park aka St. Albans] highlighting Jazz greats (Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, John Coltrane, Lena Horne) and Baseball Greats (Jackie Robinson, Tommy “Hurricane” Jackson). This area is actually home to some Jazz greats.

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