Episode 100: We Made It

Episode 100: We Made It

This episode was sponsored by Planned Parenthood of NYC (@ppnycaction). You can learn more about their various services by visiting ppnyc.org

Questions we answered:

  • What is your favorite episode?

  • What was your least favorite episode?

  • What episode are you most proud of?

  • Do you have an embarrassing episode?

  • Is there a guest you’d like to have on again?

  • What was your most awkward episode?

  • What would you say has been the most informative episode?

  • Is there an episode you still replay?

  • Is there an episode you wish you could do over?

  • Which guest surprised you the most?

  • Was there an episode that you were surprised at the feedback or reception of it?


“Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” Michelle Obama

Around The Way

Caribbean Soul Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge


Join us on Saturday Dec 15th from 7pm - 10pm to celebrate reaching 100 episodes.

We will have games, music, appetizers, drinks and more.

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Episode 99: Lost One

Episode 99: Lost One