Episode 98: The Talk feat Sexual Essentials

Episode 98: The Talk feat Sexual Essentials

This week, we venture into an uncharted topic of conversation (for us)... sex. We invited Samia of Sexual Essentials LLC on to share her expertise, give some insight to her brand and answer some listener questions.

Samia’s mission statement

To teach, encourage and promote the sexual extensions of ourselves, which we think is a fantasy. With the correct knowledge, passion and partner there is no reason that everyone cannot have the sex life that they truly desire. To create a place to discuss the intimates of sex. Let’s be frank, we’re all grown. We speak everything into existence over our lives EXCEPT for sex. Sexual Essentials is here to educate and stimulate your sexual desires into fruition. The goal is to become comfortable with sexuality, not just portions of it, but all of it because no one has ever desired to have subpar sex. #SorryButNotSorry

Listener Submitted Questions

  • Why do women tend to hide their masturbation tendencies or their interest from porn?

  • What are signs that your partner enjoys the sex as much as you do?

  • Best positions for g-spot stimulation?

  • How can I squirt? Any tips?

  • What are some tricks to avoid locked jaw during oral?

  • How many times a week is a healthy amount to have sex?

  • Is sucking Toes ok?

  • Can  you really get sick from eating ass?

You can check out Samia’s website sexualessentials1.com

Follow her on Instagram Instagram.com/sexualessentials

Listen to her podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

This episode was sponsored by Planned Parenthood of NYC (@ppnycaction). You can learn more about their various services by visiting ppnyc.org 

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