Episode 97: Meet Me At The Alter Feat @PilotTalkPod

Episode 97: Meet Me At The Alter Feat @PilotTalkPod

This episode was sponsored by Planned Parenthood of NYC (@ppnycaction) You can book an appointment and learn more about the variety of servies that they offer by visiting plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-new-york-city

This week we are joined by Juwan and Pitter of Pilot Talk Podcast to talk about the anticipation (if that) around marriage.

Here are the tweets that sparked the topic

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Question Game

  1. Do you actually know what you are doing in most situations? or do you just act like you know what you are doing?

  2. How can you describe your legal, legitimate job so it sounds illegal or sketchy?

  3. What is a green flag in someone that makes you think 'they're a good person'?

  4. What is something women have seen in romantic comedies that you wish they would stop expecting you to do in real life?

  5. What insecurities do you often see in women that men couldn’t care less about?

  6. What is something you genuinely do not understand?

  7. What’s one moment where you realized that life isn't that bad?

  8. Your options are: 50 hawks, 10 crocodiles, 3 brown bears, 15 wolves, 1 hunter, 7 cape buffalo, 10,000 rats, 5 gorillas and 4 lions - you must pick 2 that will defend you while the rest are coming to kill you. Which do you pick and why?

  9. There's a room in your house where time doesn't flow. You could stay in there for as long as you could possibly want, and not a second will have passed outside that room. What would you use this room for?

  10. What conspiracy theory, if proven true without a shadow of a doubt, would cause the most chaos in less than 24 hours?

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