Episode 74: For the Culture

Episode 74: For the Culture

To know us is to know that we generally do not talk about pop culture because that’s not what our show is based on. This week, we switch things up a little and talk some things that have been going on that we haven't really voiced our opinions about . . . at least the things that we actually have an opinion on.

Topics covered

  • Jeannie Mai from The Real getting divorced from her husband

  • Tamera Mowery reminding everyone that she loves her some interracial love

  • Tamar Braxton getting divorced from her long time husband

  • Cardi B's engagement

  • Wendy William's fainting on live tv

  • Hollywood calling out a growing list of men for sexual assault

  • Tyreese's social media meltdown

  • #JusticeForJazzy - Black college student tormented by her white roommate

  • Do we forgive Shea moisture for their #BeardedBaes

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