A few week's ago I was in TJ Maxx and came across a wall decoration that said "Be Still Psalm 46:10" It was timely and no coincidence that it saw it. Lately I have been feeling as if life has been moving very fast  and happening around me. I'm physically present but I haven't been feeling as if I'm fully experiencing life itself.

I'm in a very transitional point in life right now. I get into detail in our upcoming podcast. With feeling like there are so many moving pieces around me, I try very hard to be centered as often as possible and to be present. I worry. I worry a lot & often despite being a proud "carefree Black girl" worrying is definitely one of my pastimes. Some of the ways I try to be present is focusing on what I'm currently doing. How I'm currently feeling and not going too far back into the past or ahead into the future.

Over the last few years I've had a few friends that pushed themselves so much that they started having health complications. Their bodies forced them to slow down. With this, they had revelations of being too intense when it came down to pursuing their goals, working their 9-5, grad school, side hustle. They burned out and crashed. I found myself heading in the same direction. at the beginning of the year.

Now I'm in a place where I've dramatically slowed down my life (hello unemployment and single living). Though I do pace myself socially, professionally and romantically, as I am going through life at least for right now, I'm trying to steal moments of stillness so that I'm able to appreciate where I'm at instead of obsessing over how far I may or may not have come or about how far I have left to go.

Being still allows me to zoom out and see the bigger picture for what it is.

Do you practice being still? If so, how?