The Future of Inspiration

Inspirational and motivational speakers, books and resources has seem to become trendy in recent times. This blog is a clear example of that.

Before inspiration and motivation was limited to books, talk shows, churches, radio shows and conferences. With the internet, email and the ever evolving social media, the ways in which we can consume inspirational and motivational content has varied. There are channels and a good amount of tv shows such as Super Soul Sunday and The Book of John Gray on the OWN network and similar programming on Lifetime, WE Tv and TLC. Youtube has introduced me to MANY many motivational speakers and I'm able to go back as far as I'd like and rewatch certain talks whereas doing this in the past would have been a hassle.

Instagram, Facebook & Twitter have given people the platforms and accessibility they need to inspire their audience and to reach new people.  With podcasting growing and becoming popular in its own rights, many motivational speakers have used the audio from their talks for podcasts. Outside of motivational speakers, you can find a various amount of podcasts that can be inspiring to you based of your interests. I follow a lot of entrepreneur shows as well as art related ones when I'm in need of a break from my usual social and comedy podcasts.

When I think of what "inspiration" and motivation will look like in the future I imagine things will be even more instant. Everyone will probably become sort of expert and host workshops, webinars and probably paid live-stream type of events.

What do you think inspiration will be  like in 10years?