13 Days of Gratitude

13 Days of Gratitude

Even though Thanksgiving has passed the spirit of intentional gratitude is still with me. Every day for 13 days this month I listed at least one thing I was grateful for before I went to bed. I did miss some nights so I found myself doing this in the morning and at night to keep on track.

I’m grateful…

  1. For all of the panelists that have participated in my animation panel thus far

  2. For the everyone that has shared my panels and for those that have attended

  3. That I have been able to create opportunities for my mentee to connect with individuals who are doing the things she wants to do.

  4. For receiving puppy and baby memes

  5. For my friend Jade who helps me run my animation panel

  6. for getting extra sleep

  7. For the Bible app

  8. That I met a former coworker at a a networking event. She expressed how much she missed working with me. She spoke a lot about my character which made me feel pretty good about myself.

  9. The ability to stay home on a rainy day

  10. My mother

  11. Successful workouts

  12. Apologies & Reconciliations

  13. Seeing projects through, from idea to completion

What are some things that you are thankful for?

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