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This month’s Motivation was came to me as we were recording our upcoming episode “ Pretty Hurts”. The episode was inspired by Beyonce’s song and we talked a lot about body image and how we perceive ourselves. If you know me you should know that I am a huge advocate for self love and self care and that is why I wanted to highlight a few self love/ self care influencers. 

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First influencer is Alex Elle. I discovered her Tumblr a years ago and was immediately drawn into her writing. I also follow her on Twitter where she shares a lot of affirmations and Instagram where she has migrated her moments of transparency for others. She is an author and has a few books out that I'll link at the end of this post. Her writing creates a space that Black women can find comfort in, however it is not to be consumed exclusively by Black women. Alex shares journal and aspiration challenges across her social media platforms and has a podcast "hey, girl" where she talks with people that inspire her. I chose to share Alex because I've saved a few of her affirmations and have hung them up as well as participated in her challenges and I deeply appreciate the vulnerability in her writing. 

Next up is Francheska aka HeyFranHey.  Fran is one of the OG natural & wellness youtubers. I discovered her on Tumblr as well. Every post of hers that came up on my dashboard were super informative and simplistic I was like "let me just follow this chick and see what she is about." I briefly met her about 5 years ago at a "Those Girls are Wild" event here in NYC. Since then I've watched Fran become a significant digital influencer all while contributing to inform her growing tribe on all things wellness. She Cohosts a wellness podcast called " The Friendzone" where they discuss various topics to promote mental health and awareness. Like Alex she shares journal prompts, reflections and various exercises for the listeners to do. Fran is such a giving person that shares so much information, resources, products and knowledge, I continue to learn a lot from her. Fran is like THE definition of self care. 

Lastly, I have forever friend in my head Andrea Lewis. I've been a fan of Andrea since her Degrassi days and when I came across her tumblr I was ecstatic (clearly Tumblr was the plug). I then learned that she and a friend had a youtube channel series called "Those Girls are Wild". I loved it. They were just like my friends. Whenever they had events in NYC I made sure to attend. Since then Andrea as grown to create 2 webseries "Black Actress" and "Beyond Complicated". With all of this going on she also launched a more personal youtube series " Self Love Saturdays". As you can imagine every Saturday she drops a gem for us. I strongly advice watching these three videos if you are starting your self love journey. If you're further along in your journey then maybe these can be a jumpstart for you . 

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Alex Elle


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Instagram | Twitter | Podcast | YouTube

Andrea Lewis


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- Reflections -

  1. What does "self love" & "self care" look to you?
  2. How do you practice each?
  3. What are some ares you can be show more love & care to yourself?