That's Me, Ms. 20 Something

That's Me, Ms. 20 Something

Like many others I have been listening to Sza's CTRL album non stop since she released it. Although it is hard for me to pick a favorite or top 3 or 5, with my birthday approaching there is one song that amplifies my usual birthday reflections and that is "20 Something"

In short Sza shares on this song that she hasn’t “accomplished” things that she probably should have by now as well as expressing concerns of losing friends and life after one’s 20s

I love that my birthday falls at this point of the year. It provides me with a mid calendar check in. This month’s motivation I will be reflecting on this last year as well as setting out some intentions for my new year ahead.  

What have been the high and low points of the past year?

Highs - Hands down traveling to Greece & Costa Rica. Two beautiful places where I grew as a person and gained a deeper understanding of self. I met my new baby cousin, we had a successful podcast event.

Lows - experienced some lows in dating that took me out of character a few times. I also experienced health complications and a few family scares.

What kind of maturity or experience have you gained throughout the year?

I have had to really pick and choose my battles this year. I had to practice speaking up for myself in the moment as well as discernment. Though I felt that I always owned my actions this past year I really had others hold me accountable for my actions in ways that forced me to reflect on my communication habits and how to be better. 

What are your intentions for next year?

My main intention is to not settle for anything thats half assed. I don’t want to half ass anything and I don’t want to keep that vibe. Im ready to push my art back out there and to let it drive me for a bit. 

In various ways I thought I would be a bit farther than I am now, that I would have had certain experiences by now and that I would’ve obtained certain things by now that I haven’t The “lack” of these things trips me up often, SPECIALLY around my birthday however I know that for the most part this is apart of being a 20 Something. 

Below you can check out Sza’s song and reflect on some questions as a mid year check in. Thanks! 


  • Where has the time gone? What have you spent the most time doing?
  • Are you living up to your potential?
  • How does another year sound?
  • What are your intentions for next year?
  • What would I like to have happen in my life between now and my next birthday?
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