If I can be completely transparent with you, the first quarter of 2017 was pretty rocky for me. In short, I experienced a heartache that sent me in to a bit of an emotional spiral (I mean I was Petty Wap and the Twitter fingers stayed ready!). That, combined with wanting a “break” from the typical millennial in metropolitan city hustle and bustle encouraged me to jump at the opportunity to go on a healing retreat in Costa Rica last month.


I was inspired by Cadacia to give up my personal social media for Lent. When it was over I was able to see how I was reverting to social media as an outlet for personal experiences. I  was also reminded how much idle time I wasted on social media. It was like as soon as I had my phone in hand I defaulted to Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr and would just scroll for far too long. Having this healing retreat within Lent allowed me to be deeply present in life in ways that I found hard to do at "home". I was not posing for the gram or snapping for the chat (well not that much). Although I could receive text messages I was able to remain very disconnected from the social media aspect of my phone.

I found the retreat back in October when Antoinette from Around The Way Curls posted pictures from the same retreat but in October. I’ve met her a few times at natural hair events in NYC and I can say I’ve been following her blog and social media for the last 5 years so I trusted her word on this. Just like that I booked another not so “solo” trip.

During the course of the retreat we did yoga and meditated every morning (my first time actually doing yoga with an instructor and not an app), we had vegan breakfasts and lunches, which was great to experience. I do not see myself becoming vegan but I’m down to have vegan meals more often than not. In the afternoon and some evenings we had workshops which for me, scratched the surface in our “healing” journey. Although I feel this way I’m sure some of the other ladies appreciated this as a good start. In the evenings we’d break off into groups and explore Puerto Viejo. It’s a lovely area. Its where a lot of the Africans and other Blacks within the West Indies moved there to work on the Panama Canal so in various ways it felt like Trinidad and Venezuela for me.


Healing from experiences is just like everything else in life, a journey with no real definitive end.  I found myself in a space where I felt like I had to go to away in order to come back to who I am and the woman I want to continue growing into. I went to the retreat expecting more of a  "Iyanla's Fix My Life type" of experience and although the retreat did not meet that expectation for me, I did learn a lot from conversing with the other women and the workshops peaked my interest on societal behaviors as well as healing crystals and meditations. I'll probably follow up in future posts.

In conclusion, it seems like the best way for me to heal as I continue to experience unfamiliar events, is to be still and reflect/ mediated/ pray on it. I'm learning that I have to give myself breaks and continue to practice self care. Make it a habit, make it a ritual. I wont always be able to run off to a foreign country so I have to make the most of the resources I have here. I've also learned I have to be more transparent when I feel that i have been wronged because it will be like a scab one picks at at wont thus not allowing it to heal properly.

I want to heal properly.


So with that being said, how do you handle healing from experiences.

Are you still going through the motions? 

Have you forgiven yourself/ other?

Comment below or hit me up on twitter

Have you forgiven yourself/ other?

Comment below or hit me up on twitter

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