Being Intentional

Happy New Year! Thank you for returning to my little nook of a blog here on the internet. As you may know from our episodes or our instastories (it's ok if you don't know) I have been reading "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo and "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes. The first to close out the year and the second to kick off the new year.

Intention is defined as an act or instance if determining mentally upon son action or result (thank you I chose this topic due to the mental and emotional space I have found myself in over the last few weeks. Upon reflecting about 2016 I realized that I lost my way from how I originally wanted the year to be. So as the new year was approaching I got still and wrote out all I wanted for not only 2017 but life beyond that. After a couple of hours (only about 2) I was able to pick out 3 intentions for the new year, I got very specific about what it would take and how long it would take me to do so.

From reading these two books I was reminded as to why it is important to be intentional about discarding, acquiring and saving material things as well as of being intentional with my words and actions.

I want this year to be my most transformative year to date! I started off my deciding to solely focus on my mental well being this month. The way I support this intention is by tweeting daily affirmations & mini daily gratitude lists every evening. I set aside no less than 15mins 3x a week to journal (at the end of the week I write in my planner my journaling says so that I don't scramble for time). I also read about 20 pages a day. Though I havent really hit that daily, I'm still progressing in a way that allows me to reach my goal of reading 2 books this month.

I have set the intention of making this year my own Year of Yes. Yes to pushing myself to do things that take me outside of my comfort zone. Yes to shamelessly promoting myself, my art, my podcast. Yes to choosing me! Yes to saying NO when I want to say it but don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! Yes to growth! Yes to change even when it's difficult. Yes to the truth even what it's not in my favor! 

- Monique

So now I ask you, what are your intentions for the year ahead? How will you follow through?

Share your thoughts and comments below, tweet us, send us a DM lets talk this out! I'm looking forward to us having the year we intended on having!