In·ter·lude: a period of time between events or activities

As mentioned in our most recent episode "Rappin with Ryan Nicole" I was recently on vacation in Greece. It was adventurous, relaxing and overall a very pleasing experience. Cadacia and I have spoken before the pros and cons of " Traveling Solo" and just traveling in general. 

 Santorini, Greece 2016

Santorini, Greece 2016

Now I've only recently started "traveling" if you will. Every time I get away from NYC I find that the space, the time, the distance allows me to refresh my perspective about myself, my life and life in general. When I took my first solo trip to Ireland last year I gained a level of self confidence that I always refer to when I become doubtful or hesitant in decision making. If I can maneuver in a foreign country where I do not know anyone and return home safe and healthy then I can handle what obstacles I encounter here, right? 

This particular vacation I made it mandatory (and did my best to stick to it) to journal every night. Not only did I recap the day but I also used to the time to reflect on "everything" I was taking a break from. This included, family, friends, the podcast, work, dating, the NY hustle and bustle and even myself (like my day to day self). Now I'm not saying that you should go take a trip to some European destination to hit the pause button on your life HOWEVER I would like to share some tips and benefits of doing something similar. 


Some ways you can take a break are to: 

  • Sit in a park -  Find a spot not too busy. Sometimes I get caught in a daze people watching
  • Disconnect - from your phone- turn off/ mute notifications/ put it on Do Not Disturb or silent mode
    • Log out of social media (or temporarily delete the apps or turn off the notifications)
  • Reading - I don't know about you but sometimes if I silence all electronics and pick up a book and read its like I'm completely present in what I'm doing and it is as if I'm away from where I'm actually at.
  • Take a day trip
    • This can be to another part of your city or to a nearby state. Last year 2 friends and myself went to DC for the day. It was inexpensive and a simple getaway
  • Staycation - I've yet to do this cause I don't think of these things far in advance but I really want to spend a night in a hotel here. Just as a breather, 
    • You can be a tourist for a day and explore your city. I beleive most of us can access a double decker tour bus if we really wanted to or maybe even a walking or bike tour
    • you can also stay home and unplug, go off the grid (maybe alert those close to you so they are note worried about your safety.)
  • Vacation - Of course the best way (and possibly most expensive) way to take a break is to go somewhere far from where you're at. This allows you to experience life as someone else, depending on your cellphone plan your calls and texts will be extremely limited. Maybe there's a beach or some other places you can rest and reflect if you so choose)
  • Volunteer - I used to volunteer a lot while looking for steady employment. Sometimes helping those (humans, animals, the earth) less fortuante, less able than yourself allows you to be more appreciative and take notice of things you can adjust in your life.
  • Mission Trip - It is like vacationing mixed with volunteering. You get away and feel dutiful at the same time. 

How would doing any of these things help you achieve your goals? Stay motivated?

I feel that the first thing to recognize is that sometimes we are so close to our lives that just by having some distance from our lives anywhere from an hour to a few days can give us a better perspective and thus a better understanding of what we are experiencing. When I came back from Ireland last year, it was reinforced that I would NOT work another minimum wage job or job in general if it were not in some way shape or form related to me working within the animation industry. Animation was the sole reason I ended up there in the first place. With that mindset revitalized I sought out relatable opportunities and am now working in a very good studio. With this trip I was reminded, that I may need to live a bit simpler ( I also think that happens to you when you visit islands).  The boost that traveling and getting away gives me is that, I want more of it. I also want to live a life I don't want to escape from, a life that is only enhanced by traveling. When I return from a trip, I start brainstorming where to next, how can I get there, what is required of me to make it happen? Also just having a breather moment between going from one project to another, one job, school, experience or whatever is helpful to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward.

Now, how have you taken breaks, hit the pause button on your life? Has it helped? Has it caused more harm than good? Where'd you go? What'd you do? Talk to me :)