Work In Progress

Work In Progress

Welcome to the final Mo•tivation post of 2016! Thank you for reading and joining in the conversation these last couple of months. As you know we currently have an end of the year series of episodes to help you close out the year well and sharing how you can go into the new year the best that you can (check out 2 out of the 3 posts). 

When I think of how I am different this year than last, one of the first things that comes to mind is that I've made it a bigger priority to ensure my mental, physical and emotional well being. I work in another state and commute 2.5hrs each way and this is why I had to step up my self care. For the most part this is nothing new for me, however this past year came with enough moments that showed me where and when I had to put myself first.

I'm proud that more often than not I was able to handle things in a mature way as well as treating myself gracefully when I didn't. I like many of you put more than enough of pressure on myself and hold myself to high standards when it comes to certain parts of my life. I've been practicing giving myself grace when I fall short and that has made some experiences easier.


This year I learned that to a certain extent, I sometimes use people and situations to prove something to myself. I am not the type to do things for outward gratification or acceptance, however I often think "if I really am this kind of person that I believe I am, then I'd do this". Going into the new year this is one thing I'd like to work on for sure. 

I'm also proud of and grateful for is how our podcast has grown and continues to grow. The feedback we get and the support is a reminder that although this feels like a regular conversation between Cadacia and myself, people are connecting with us in a way that ultimately builds a community of support. We appreciate it and we promise that between the podcast, Cadacia's Corner and Mo•tivation we will continue to deliver quality content to you all. 

In closing I'd like to pose a few questions for you to reflect on. Please comment below, tweet us, hit us up on IG or send us an email with your response (You can answer one or all of them, it's up to you). 




  1. What area in your life have you improved the most?

  2. Where are you feeling stuck?

  3. What do you want less of in your life?

  4. What do you want more of?

Being Intentional

Being Intentional

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