Financial Fear

“Give every dollar an assignment.”

This has and always will be the best financial advice I’ve ever received. As I scribbled my earnings down in my journal, I kept this at the forefront of my mind. The pen continued to dance about the page, deducting dollar amounts reminiscent of adulting. With each “-“ attached to a number, I cringed. It’s been exactly two years since I’ve sat down to work on my budget. The last time I did this, I was met with despair when I found that my earnings did not match my bills and my spending. This time, two years later, upon reaching the end of my budgeting, my feelings were the complete opposite of how I felt in August of 2016. This time, each dollar had very specific assignments with some left over. This time I can be extremely (financially) intentional about my September and not be financially fearful.


Stay tuned for what I did exactly to work through my financial fear and become financially fit.

The Cleanse

The Cleanse

22 Days Later