22 Days Later

22 days later. The narrative changes.

The jingling of car keys could be heard as I fumble to locate the, once, vibrant key fob that reads “Blink...”

I hand the woman at the front desk the fob. This time, things are different. I actually make eye contact and I bonus it by attaching a warm smile and “hi” to it. I feel alive. Each step taken to the locker room is done in stride; with confidence. If my face doesn’t have it written all over it, my bodily movements and aura compensate. The confidence that I once had walking into the gym and approaching each exercise suddenly resurface. While I still haven’t completed my 21 days, I am more sure of myself than when I wrote my last post. The energy that I once got from going to the gym has been restored. Although it takes a lot more for me to make it through my reps, I don’t feel as defeated as I did on day one. I, now, run on the treadmill with the prospect of building up the endurance that I once had. I lift weights with the expectation of gaining the strength that I once had. It feels so good to propel myself up out of my slump and be gentle with myself in the process.

This personal challenge taught me the importance of betting on yourself all over again. I hope this post helps someone get out of a slump and/ or start something that you’ve been putting off. Update me! I wanna know! 

Financial Fear

21 Days

21 Days