21 Days

21 Days

The jingling of car keys could be heard as I fumble to locate the, once, vibrant key fob that reads “Blink.” It’s been about two months since I’ve actually thumbed through my key fob for this one in particular. I hand the woman at the front desk the fob, making every attempt to avoid eye contact and make minimal exchange of words. As I proceeded on my lengthy walk to the locker room, my eyes met the white spotted black material covering the floor space of the gym. Locking my gym bag up, I took a very deep breath and talked myself up. “You can do this.” I turned the last dial on my lock and headed out.

So the truth is, I’m embarrassed. Since September of 2017, my consistency at the gym has been nonexistent. My fitness goals have taken a backseat to my life and I’m not ok with it. I’m embarrassed that I continue to hold the torch for Cadacia’s Corner but I’m not doing the work to actually keep the fire lit.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and I had intended on re-igniting my physical fitness habit on July 1st so that by July 19th, I could have produced a post 19 days into that habit. I thought I’d be able to proudly proclaim that I had kicked complacency to the side. Instead, with a head hanging low, I navigated the gym, for the first time three days after the habit should’ve been formed.

Because I didn’t like that feeling, I’m taking responsibility for confidently and comfortably strutting through the gym. I am, therefore, considering this post to be the starting point for my 21 day habit. By next month’s post (8/15), my intro narrative I’ve will read very differently and it will come with proof.

Stay tuned!

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