With Love

At the top of 2018 I re-sketched my goals, re-positioned my vision board and re-programmed my mind. During all of this rebooting, I thought heavily about the things that I do and don’t like about myself. The reoccurring thought that came to my mind was DISCIPLINE. I just love it when I can reflect on the disciplined Cadacia; the Cadacia who tackled each of her goals with attention and strategy. This bit of reflection brought me back to when I first embarked on this journey of wellness. The one thing I thought would be the most challenging, I found to be the most satisfying and exhilarating. That thing was MEAL PREP!

I took such great pride in preparing my meals late each and every Sunday night that carried me into the early Monday morning hours. I loved uncovering my meals during lunch as my colleagues constantly questioned “what’s for lunch?” I re-inspired myself week after week as I attempted a new Fit Men Cook (https://fitmencook.com) or Skinny Taste (https://www.skinnytaste.com) recipe. What was most satisfying about being a new found “clean eater” was the fact that my hands possessed the ability to craft flavorful meals that were healthy and fulfilling.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about that earlier twenty-something Cadacia. These thoughts have turned into action, as I’ve fully thrusted myself back into meal prep mode and it feels so good! I’ve reserved Sundays for stepping from behind my laptop and stepping in front of a skillet to craft my meals with love all over again. Through getting back to meal prepping, I’ve come to re-realize a few things:

[The most obvious of them all] I EAT better! I’m in control of what and how much of that goes into my body because I am my own personal chef.

I save some coins. It’s so much easier to keep my money to myself when I prep breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages to last me throughout my workday.

I re-claim my time. Meal prep saves me so much time during the week, as I'm not agonizing over dinner and when all meals are placed in their own personal containers, I simply grab and go. Fast food at its finest!

I'm excited! I look forward to the process of trying new recipes (cooking and eating).

My body thanks me. To me, meal prepping is an act of self-love. Each meal is made with such care and attention that I appreciate it so much more as it warms and fills my belly.

I’ve been documenting my meal prep on my personal insta story but will start sharing it via the We Come From Queen page very soon! I may even start sharing some my favorite recipes. Stay tuned to #cookingwithcadacia.

With Love,


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