Stay In Your Lane

Remember that one time I went vegan?

Exactly one month after making that post, I searched the internet high and low for (natural) ways to combat my anemia. Being able to put a name to the way I’d been feeling for months led to this intense research. I took my iron pills when I remembered & they seemed to be working, but I wanted more. I needed to know of the alternatives that existed. One of the first articles that I entertained, highlighted the significant amount of iron present in the very thing that I had elected to give up... meat! I decided I’d look into that further. With each click and swipe I found that I could not escape the fact that I was not doing enough to combat my anemia. In fact, I was hindering the slighest effort to counter this condition.




All of these were the recurring sources of iron. No matter where I looked, I was sure to find these. Needless to say, the day after I had conducted my research, I went out to dinner and ordered the steak of course. I. Was. Afraid. This moment helped me to come to a huge realization: Health is truly wealth. If I am to be serious about my health and living a long life, I must do what's best for me. Although veganism seemed like a super healthy option, it does not suit my health needs. I gained so much from taking the time out to find out what foods would heal me. This was just a gentle reminder to stay in my lane.

With Love

That One Time I Went Vegan