Summer Snatch

Here we are ... Summer '17 and my body isn't anywhere close to what it has been these past two summers. By this point, during the summers of 2015 and 2016, I've had the "Summer Snatch" that I didn't even realize I was seeking until I, now; look back on pictures of myself from those summers. So what makes this summer different?

Well if you've listened to our latest episode, you'd remember me declaring this past year (of 27) my year of failure. Every time those words seep from my lips or even cross my mind a strong feeling of discomfort comes over and me propels me to act. Action is just what this post and the next few weeks will be about for me. I'm declaring these next few weeks to be the weeks of the "Summer Snatch." I will, first, share my “Summer Snatch” Wish List with you all.

Cadacia’s Summer Snatch Wish List

·      Flat Stomach (as close to exposed abs as possible)

·      “Healthy” Glutes

·      Re-Defined Muscles in Arms

·      Defined Quads

Now if you notice, on my list I’ve elected to use the words “exposed,” and “defined.” Why? Well, because all of the items I’ve listed on my wish list are already there. My ability to actually see them is really dependent upon the work that I put in to ensure that they are visible …and by work I mean exercise.

What I know to be true about health and wellness is that exercise and nutrition are the ultimate recipe for creating the body one desires. I will let you guys in on my secrets; my recipes for the summer snatch and in doing so, I am challenging you to come along for ride with me.

Cadacia’s Summer Snatch Recipe Guide

·      Flat Stomach (as close to exposed abs as possible)

1-2 green smoothies per day

2 Green apples per day

2 Cups of my “flat tummy tea”




Cardio (shockingly)

Hanging leg raises



Plank Jacks

*The biggest key for a flat stomach is diet.*


·      “Healthy” Glutes

Potatoes! (Sweet Potatoes are ideal)

Brown Rice


(Weighted) Squats

Leg Presses

Weighted Lunges



·      Re-Defined Muscles in Arms





·      Defined Quads

**Same foods & exercises required for glutes**

Please keep in mind that all of the things I have listed here are things that have worked for me specifically. All body types are different and require different regimens. You can take some or all of my tips. Make sure that whatever you elect to do, it works for you. Trial and error are significant in this health and wellness process. Please also remember that the ultimate idea is a healthy lifestyle, in spite of what it may look like on the outside. (I’m speaking to myself as I’m speaking to you.) If you do participate in my Summer Snatch, let me know! At me & use the hashtag #CCSummerSnatch

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