Passion is …


Podcasting has afforded Monique and I great opportunities to connect with people within different fields and realms. We have been featured on other shows and have had quiet a few people featured on ours. In preparing for our Black Entrepreneurial Series, we knew it might shift the dynamic of our typical conversations. We also knew

What I didn’t know is that I would learn so much from the women who agreed to be apart. I did not realize there would be one common thread amongst all of the entrepreneurs beyond their titles as entrepreneurs. That one common thread weaving them all together was/is passion. Each woman who we interviewed approaches what they do with much heart, vigor and ultimate passion. No one person is doing it because it’s another means of streaming income. These are all passion projects that the women happen to be making money off of. I paid close attention to the root of their stories.

Here is how I define passion, and how I have seen it evidenced in all of the women we interviewed:

@iam.nubian— Her story began with needing to get her hair done on a budget. She started doing her hair on her own and she showcased it on instagram. People liked what she was doing and she agreed to do others’ hair. A business where she began charging $40 per head for, she is now charging up to $300 per head for. People are seeking her out from all over the world. While talking with her, not once, did she complain about it being too hard. What she did harp on, however, was the love she had for what she does. She talked about making it work when things did get a little difficult. That is passion.

@jessicajade— He story began with her realzing something was wrong with the products she was feeding her hair. This spiraled into her being more attentive to the things she put on her skin and, ultimately, into her body. While we talked with her about her business, we also talked with her about lifestyles choices and changes she has made after learning about one unhealthy habit she had been maintaining. She took it upon herself to investigate and educate herself on how she could adapt a lifestyle that would should constant love to her body. On her quest, she made the decision to help others. She quit her full time job to help others as she helps herself be a better person from the inside out. Loving yourself so much that you cannot keep it to yourself. That is passion.

@grillzandgranola— Young Chavo’s road to fitness began with a bad break up. She suffered from anxiety. She needed to find an outlet; a healthy means of escape. She turned to exercise to be that outlet for her. On her quest, she realized something was missing from the market and she wanted to be the “plug.”

Fi Stacks has been working in the health field for quite some time and she has loved having the opportunity to be that voice of reason that imparts to others the importance of loving self in various ways.

The collaboration on this project came from exactly where these two were in life and in their careers. They both had a desire to create and inspire. Chavonne wanted to do something difference in the world of fitness and Fiona wanted to continue to encourage. There opposite personalities mesh well for the purposes of the brand. What makes this duo unique is the hunger they have. They feel a NEED to grow, create and change the game. That is passion.

@thechef J— (Since her episode has not come out yet, I will not give too much away.) Cooking has always been her thing. She was that little kid who always wanted to help out in the kitchen. This need & desire to help out in the kitchen never died. She pursued it further in school and is still in the kitchen looking for ways to re-invent herself. Once you hear our conversation with her, you will hear the passion. She can’t stop talking about the things she creates and how she is always looking for a new challenge. By the sounds of it stagnation isn’t her M.O. That is passion.

Passion is the possession of a deep innate love for what you do. It is at your core. Chatting with all of these entrepreneurs was encouraging and inspiring. I am grateful to have this platform to share stories of others in way that is impactful. I hope their stories of passion have done for what it has for me. If you can take anything away from these women, I would suggest you take note on how much of their heart they put into their work and how they allow that to be their center as they move forward to grow and expand.

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