In typical Cadacia fashion, as the year draws to a close, I find myself in a conscious overwhelming state of reflection. My mind is overcome with thoughts of the many events that have occurred over this past year, how I feel about my 2017 as a whole, what I have done well, what I am ashamed of and what I would like to improve upon for the upcoming year. I also found myself thinking a lot about change and how the embarkation of a new year does not have to warrant change. Instead, individuals warrant that change.

So here is a little bit of transparency for you: Within the last four months of the year, I have not attended the gym with the same level of frequency as I have been over these past 3 years.  Just this morning, I tried to evaluate my current situation in determining why it has been so difficult for me to make it to the gym. My conclusion is that I have placed an overwhelming amount of items on my plate. While the goal has always been to eat, I am realizing that with age, my metabolism is slowing down. There is a ton that I want and need to consume, yet, I am not able to work off the weight as easily as I once was. My goals and visions for my life continue to grow, yet, I cannot juggle all at once like I could do at one point in time.

What does this have to do with change? This has EVERYTHING to do with change, especially in the area of mindset. I am learning to adjust my mindset about my physical capacity to accomplish my goals. I still think it is of great importance to maintain my health through proper nutrition and exercise. I also think it is important that I continue to leverage myself academically and professionally. With that, something will lack a little. I can continue to eat well, exercise and work on my career, however, I cannot devote as much time to all of these things at once. I have to prioritize and that is what change will look like for me moving forward. I am refocusing on my academic and career goals first. I can simultaneously eat well, yet, workout a little less. That. Is. Ok. I am learning to be ok with that and, even more, learning to silence the background noise; the voices that question why I haven't been to the gym; the voices that question my gains. My gains will show up in other places until I can get back to re-prioritizing the gym. So in closing, the ultimate reflection for 2017 is that all of its events have led me to my current state and that is learning to be ok with where I am.

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