On the eve of every new year, I, along with many others religiously (no pun intended) warm a seat somewhere in the balcony of my church. Typically, as I wait for service to begin, I reflect on the year that has passed and ponder what I look forward to in the coming year. I also try to play a solo guessing game of what my pastor will deem the "theme of the year" to be. (He generally gives us an assignment for the year in the form of a single word.) Once service had finally commenced, I was engulfed in praises to God for bringing me to the threshold of another year, while impatiently awaiting the "word." Approximately an hour into service pastor reveals the word: APPLICATION. Immediately my mind started to race as I wondered what that could mean for me. What did I have to apply and how could I approach 2017 with a spirit of application? How could I tactfully apply majority of my learning and use it to catapult me into a more lucrative 2017? While I did not have all of the answers on the spot, nor do I currently have all of them, I have gained some level of understanding of what I will apply this year, particularly in the area of my health and wellness journey. So, here goes: This year I intend to apply care to my body from the inside out. When I began Cadacia's Corner (a year and a half ago), I was extremely disciplined in my eating, ultimately showing love to my body from the inside. I intend on returning to that place. Why? Well because it felt good internally. Caring for my body from the inside out would also encompass sleeping more. I've bitten off way more than I would truly like to chew this year, however, I am confident that I can accomplish what I am setting out to do. That in mind, I NEED rest to perform at optimal levels. Finally, if you've been following the blog (or my snaps), you know that the gym is bae. I want my outer body to reflect my inner body. This simply means that I will continue to try new things, continue to challenge myself, continue to push my body to its physical limits in proving to myself that I am more than capable.

In closing, I want you to also consider what you want to apply this year (in any realm of your life). Let me know and let's keep each other accountable. What's the word for the year?

Ready? Set. GO!

Passion is …

Thank You