Corner Under Construction

New Year= New Goals!

With new goals comes a new game plan.  I'll let you in on a little secret: When starting up Cadacia's Corner, I had no real set plan for it. I knew I wanted to give some insight on my fitness journey but that's really as far as my vision went. In contrast with the way Monique & I plan for the podcast, that was pretty vague & thoughtless of me. While on our WCFQ Winter Break, I decided to take a small break from blogging as well. I figured I could use that time to think about the direction I'd like to take moving forward with "Cadacia's Corner."

Monique planted a seed, which was my "aha" moment. She said "Cadacia's Corner can really be whatever you want it to be." She probably didn't say it in those exact words, but close enough. As simple a statement it was, it got me thinking about who I, Cadacia am and all that my life is composed of. While thinking on this, I came to the conclusion that Cadacia isn't one dimensional, so neither should "Cadacia's Corner" be. With this, I've decided to open up my corner so that it is reflective of my life experiences. While I will continue to post of my health and wellness lifestyle, I'll post of other aspects reflective of myself.

Since my planning process isn't completely fleshed out, my vision for this isn't as clear as I'd like but I'm on my way & you (who are reading this) can certainly help! If you want me to post about something specifically, please let me know. Let's make this an interactive space!


P.S. Due to the nature of my work, posts on Cadacia's Corner will officially be reduced to once a month, unless I get some extra time and can throw out a bonus post!

Dear Diary,

Goal Plated