Goal Plated

It was January 3, 2015. A new year; a fresh start with endless possiblities. After an intense early morning workout session with my accountability partner, we had breakfast at Starbucks. For breakfast, we started with multigrain bagels (BAD choice), washed it down with iced coffees and for the main course: a hefty plate of GOALS.

In spite of the time of day, and meal being consumed, it is always important to be mindful of portion sizes. After all, balance is important in any arena of success right? While there are only four food groups, we decided to dig a bit deeper when grouping our "food" (b.k.a our goals). We decided on six hearty food groups and here is how we divided our goal plate: Mind; Body; Spiritual; Financial; Relationships; Professional. These are areas we deemed most important in our lives and wanted to see significant growth. Now, when planning to eat off of our goal plates, we knew we had to be intentional. The intention is in the recipe: What could we do to ensure that what is being served up is yummy going down? An intentional recipe includes explicit steps for achieving the set goals. We spent time thoughtfully crafting step by step recipes to ensure the expected outcome. This is not to say that we got it right each time. Did that stop us from trying, however? Of course not. Persistence and patience were key ingredients as we grew through our processes. Of great importance also was the ability to seek out help from one another. The ability to provide input and offer ingredient suggestions was and still is crucial to our growth.

Our goal mindset had started long before this meeting and persisted far beyond it, as we reenacted this breakfast scene at least 11 times over throughout the year. For our final meeting of 2015, it was fulfilling to see how fat we had gotten after diligently consuming of each food group. While we are satisfied with our progress, goal setting did not and will not stop at our 2015 accomplishments. Why? We recognize the importance of growth in all aspects of our lives and we do not wait for a new year or some major enlightenment for us to shift our thinking about growth. While life events, can certainly have an impact on the way we construct and shape our goals, we are audaciously committed to refining the most intricate areas of our lives. I am grateful to have someone to keep me on track and that I am able to return the favor for. What are your goals? What steps will you take to ensure that they are fulfilled? There is no better time than now, to begin to set the table and get full off of your accomplishments. Ready? Set. DEVOUR!

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