Keep Going

In the spirit of transparency, I delayed with writing this post because I have not felt like myself completely. As of September 9th, I returned to work, however, this year I am in a new school, with a new grade and ENTIRELY new experiences. With all of these new things happening to me, I have been struggling to find time for the old; the old thatkeeps me balanced and allows me to maintain an aura of tranquility. There are quite a few things on my "Old List," fitness being one of them. This new schedule has made it difficult for me to maintain a consistent gym schedule. Some days I make it, while most days I do not. This has more to do with my workload than anything else. What I have been able to be consistent with, however, is my meal prepping. Thankfully, I'm an avid follower of Fitmencook and Skinnytaste, so those two websites keep me fresh and motivate me to constantly try new [clean] recipes. As I am in the process of working out a schedule so that I am successful in all areas, something I won't do is give up. I have committed so much of my time and energy into crafting a healthier lifestyle that I would hate for it have been in vain and I loose the momentum. So bear with me, as I kick it back into gear :-)


I'm A Quitter!