I'm A Quitter!

        Now, I have a confession! There had reached a point along my journey where I started to get desperate. I felt like I had been eating all of the right things and I was working out consistently. I had even hired a trainer and I felt like I was not obtaining results. I figured there had to be a secret that I was not in on. Because I had access to an Herbalife coach, I inquired about the products. Also, I knew the coach from high school and had observed his results. Based on the information he provided me with, I decided to become part of the "Herbalife family" and was a proud consumer. I even participated in an ab challenge hosted by them and was FINALLY starting to see results.
    The more I shelled out money for these products, however, the more I began to question what they contained. I wanted to understand why these products, in powder form, had the ability to transform my body in ways that natural ingredients had not. I began to read the labels (finally) and recognized the ingredients were not "all natural" and contained some things I was unable to pronounce. I can, honestly, say that I was a little afraid about what the long term effects could possibly be. I began to feel dishonest with myself, and as a result ended my Herbalife subscription. I QUIT!
    I decided that from here on out, I will not waste my money on products that will get results quicker because anything that we can get quick and easy isn't worth having. Plus, I've been saving some coins in the process. Once I started to do more research, I found the whole foods that would give me the results I was looking for. They didn't break the bank and the nutritional value was greater.

The biggest lesson I learned here is that, sometimes its ok to quit and in this case I, the quitter, actually win! Be blessed!


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