The Launch

As I brainstormed how I'd begin my post, I just decided to go with the flow. Soooo what is "Cadacia's Corner?" There were plenty of directions I could have taken with this corner but I selected my fitness journey for a few reasons: I kind of stumbled into this lifelong journey; much learning has taken place and will continue to take place here; and I am not perfect. I do not proclaim to be a fitness/ health and wellness guru. I am just Cadacia, a person who is interested in improving her quality of life in all aspects. That being said, this is your personal invitation to join me on this journey as I work on being my best self. Here I will share some workout routines, delicious clean meal recipes as well as recipes to some of my favorite green smoothies. I will also share some of the random things I learn along the way. Feel free to interact with me in this space of growth. Ready or not, here we go!