. . .On Goal Setting

This past week I had a chat with someone about the importance of physical fitness and eating "clean." There was a distinct difference in how we began our health and wellness journeys, as this young woman set a goal to lose about 150 lbs. In contrast, I set a goal to simply lose some belly fat and increase my cardio stamina. As a result of embarking on our health journeys, however, it was interesting to learn that we have drawn the same conclusions. Those being: Health and Wellness is exactly a journey and not a destination. It involves much learning and requires continuous growth.
We talked a lot about fad diets, food and how detrimental relationships can be formed with food.
We also talked about the importance of setting goals, whether they be fitness, personal, professional, etc. In doing this, she enlightened me to the importance of keeping God at the center of goal setting. This was an "aha" moment because, although I do have a relationship with God and have been trying to grow in that, for some odd reason, it has never occurred to me to include Him in my goal setting. This conversation caused me to shift my thinking and wonder "Wow, imagine how much further I could go in achieving all that I set out to do, if I put God first; if I consulted with him about my goals; if I 'committed my goals to God'," as she had put it. That being said, I am extremely excited to go deeper in my relationship with God as well as KILL these fitness goals!