Death to Cardio!

All I ever wanted was to get my heart rate up. That was my sole purpose for attending the gym initially. Getting my heart rate up was achieved and superseded by all of the other ways I had learned to condition my body. In achieving this goal, however, I noticed that my gluteus maximus (very tickled by this term) was deflating. Yes. My butt was getting smaller! I was not completely conscious of it until it was identifiably obvious. I did not even know this was possible. While it was a little disheartening, it taught me that I have to go after what I want, fiercely. The goals have now shifted to abs and glutes.

In shifting the goals, I have learned to change my workout routine so that I can still incorporate cardio without stepping foot on a treadmill or a stair master (hence the instagram post). I've also learned that my body needs some fat to transform into muscle. I have started to incorporate complex carbs back into my diet for this reason. So in divulging all of this, the purpose of this post is: 1. For accountability 2. To show the imperfections of this journey and the value in pairing reflection with action. You who are reading this are my accountability buddies. Stay tuned as I turn it up a notch with my goals & MURDER cardio in the process!

Goal Plated