With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I find myself wondering "why do I do this? Why do I have such a deep need to maintain this healthy lifestyle when it would be so much easier to go in the opposite way?"

I will tell you this: once you fully and firmly commit to being good to your body, it's so difficult to turn back. When I choose a muffin or a bagel for breakfast, something within me screams "NO" and begs of me to nourish it with something cleaner; something fresher. I vow to have a fresh start. My fresh start is in full swing, as there are only six weeks left in the year. This fresh start consists of me committing to working out, at least, three days a week and putting meal prep above my work simply because my health is important.

Here are some tips and links that have helped me to restart.

Breakfast prep: Boil eggs the night before so that you can grab and go.

If you must have bread (for toast), ezekiel bread is the healthiest option, I've been able to make as it is sprouted grains.

Prepping oatmeal the night before to heat and go (if you can). If you are unable to heat them up, then overnight oats are just as yummy and even more convenient as a grab and go.

Finally, something that gets to my sweet tooth and is super delicious and convenient is flourless muffins. I have acummulated various recipes for these but I leave you with my all time favorite: (thank me later). 

Lunch Prep:  I'm a BIG salad person so for lunch, I'll have an apple pecan salad (mixed greens, 1/2 and apple cut into cubes, candied pecans or walnuts, grilled chicken breast and feta cheese with either apple cider vinaigrette or rasberry walnut vinaigrette) or fresh garden salad (mixed greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, peppers, feta cheese, corn, snow peas, mushrooms and grilled chicken with your choice of dressing).

Dinner time is the one time I get to sit down and truly enjoy whatever it is that I'm consuming. This week it's been orange glazed salmon with cilantro lime quinoa and grilled asparagus (meal 1) and shrimp zucchini parmesan (meal 2).  The salmon is a fitmencook recipe ( and the shrimp zucchini parm is a SkinnyTaste recipe ( 

*Please note, that although I consume carbs for dinner, it's best to switch my lunch and dinner meals, as carbs are best consumed earlier in the day. Why? You burn them off throughout the course of the day.*


All of these foods are things that can be prepped ahead of time, for "fast food" minus the preservatives, sodium, unnecessary sugars and anything else thatis excessively unhealthy. The ultimate benefit in all of this is how much your body thanks you, through its functioning.

Death to Cardio!

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