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Eddie Murphy got it right when he decided to navigate Queens to find his Queen. We Come From Queens podcast explores the parameters of life as hosts Cadacia & Monique evolve into Queendom. What does that even mean? Here is their space to turn their regular conversations into an open forum for others to listen in, comment and engage in conversation.


About Us

We Come From Queens is a biweekly millennial lifestyle podcast hosted by long time friends Cadacia & Monique. Their show covers a variety of topics such as adulthood, dating, wellness & Queendom things.

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In December of 2017 We Come From Queens launched their branded merchandise.

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Cadacia's Corner

Readers stand at the intersection of Cadacia's reality met by the means in which she navigates that reality.


I look forward to this podcast every two weeks... if you're tuning in you definitely need to check out some of their older material These ladies are relatable on more levels than one... if you feel like you're the only one going through something you;re not and these ladies definitely put in perspective for you.

— Starshida90, Apple Podcast Review



Here is where Monique shares tips, stories and resources for staying inspired.