About The Show

We Come From Queens launched June 2014 and is currently in it's fourth season.

We Come From Queens first started as a youtube entity after a few of our friends suggested we do videos based on conversations we would have. We wanted to create videos talking about navigating our 20s while maintaining a "girl talk" vibe. It ended up being very difficult at that time to get together and record videos. This led us to consider podcasting. It was probably the best decision for us.

Unlike many other podcasts, ours is topic based, bi-weekly (instead of weekly),stems from personal experiences and is centered around our typical "girl talk." Although we do invite guests to add to our conversations, we don't rely heavily on guests to fuel content for our show. 

We are working towards growing our podcast, reaching more listeners and connecting with potential guests. People have started asking for digital content from us so we are brainstorming ideas to incorporate that within our brand. We are looking to connect with sponsors to share products and services with our listeners as well as partnering with organizations to hold events for our community.

We met in 6th grade back in 2000 and for the most part have been friends ever since. Living very close to each other for such a long time played a big factor in us hanging out all of the time. To be 28 and be friends for 17yrs makes our friendship unique to our relationships with our other friends. We have very real experiences on and off air and the genuineness of our relationship can easily be recognized when tuning into our show. This easily translates into others feeling like they are part of our friend circle and can chime in at any time. That is the overall idea of the show. I really had no idea how I thought we'd be able to do this beyond the initial idea for youtube.

Meet The Hosts

Monique is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC where she got her degree in Computer Art, 3D Animation and VFX. She is currently employed in a major animation studio. When she is not working her day job or podcasting she is personifying her definition of Carefree Black Girl Magic. This includes singing Bruno Mars songs too loudly, pretending to be an android like Janelle Monae, wishing she had stlye like Sza and vibing to Solange as she is painting, drawing, writing or making flower crowns. Podcasting has allowed Monique to step outside of the animation world and into a new community of fellow content creators of different mediums.

Cadacia obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Childhood Education from SUNY Plattsburgh. She later went on to obtain her Masters of Science in Education degree in Literacy Education from Hunter College. She is currently work as a kindergarten teacher where she teaches bilingual students. Along with reading & writing she enjoys spending time with friends & family & singing until her heart's content (her ability is dependent upon one's listening style ). Podcasting is a forum for her to express her thoughts outside of writing as well as connect with others whom she may not have had the opportunity to connect with otherwise.


Popular Episodes

Episode 47: I Just Wanna Be Successful...

Success. What does that word even mean? Success is defined differently for different people and this week we give you all our own personal definitions. We also share how they have evolved throughout our twenties and what keeps us constantly reaching for success.

Episode 59: Non-Coachable Sistas

This week with help from Alicia of Cubicle & Curls we break down the stigma of Black women being too strong, have too much attitude ultimately not being "coachable"

Episode 50: Get Your Time Right

In this episode we began to close out 2016 with a “New Year’s Preparation” Series.  First up,TIME! Time is just as precious as money. Tune in as we discuss ways to treat it as such.


on June 17,2017 we had our first event. The event consisted of a live show and mixer, which gave us an opportunity to connect with our listeners as well as allowing them to participate in our show.